Café Lisboa
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About us

Café Lisboa is a Portuguese coffee/grocery shop in West London providing a Portuguese/Brazilian experience to all our esteemed customers with its classic flavour/aroma coffee sourced from the best Delta brand and a taste of Portuguese food/groceries all sourced from native Portugal.

Portugal is one of the traditional coffee drinking countries in the World. Portuguese people are very serious about their coffee and they only buy top quality coffee, that’s why our coffee shop uses the leading coffee brand Delta used by over 40,000 cafes and restaurants in the Portuguese country made up of only 10.4 million people.

There are a few useful Portuguese terms to use when ordering this flavoured aromatic coffee that Café Lisboa would like to share with all our esteemed customers:

Known for its unique design sense, Café Lisboa is an inspirational place where social meetings and conversations come to life and friends gather to relax on our spacious ambience, to enjoy our full-service flavour of coffee and other delicacies as well as do their Portuguese grocery shopping.

Our locations are open from 7am to 7pm Mon – Sat (Sun 9am – 5pm), and have free WIFI. Should you be at home or in the office and can’t make it to your nearest branch, you can make your cake orders for any occasions or reserve any of our delicacies and savouries.

I hope you get familiar with these terms and visit our Café in Hounslow and Feltham for a taste of Portugal. Café Lisboa welcomes all those who have been to Portugal on holiday to taste all their favourite treats and those who haven’t been to Portugal; to experience the country’s’ best coffee and cakes on offer.

Coffee “café”: Our Portuguese high grade Delta sourced coffee provides the best quality in flavour and aroma; ensuring total satisfaction to our customers as well as the Portuguese experience as intended by the Delta coffee brand founder Manuel Rui Azinhais Nabeiro.

Cakes/Savouries “bolos/guloseimas”: We bring to our customers innovate and high quality products; baking the finest ingredients to produce a wide range of different specialty Breads and Cakes to give you the well-known Portuguese experience. From the famous Pastel de Nata, Carcacas, Bolo de Coco, Bolo Rei, Lancheira Ham & Cheese to other assorted Portuguese cakes; plus, our signature croissants are best sellers – buttery, with beautiful layers and packed with flavour.

Groceries “mercearias”: Food is at the heart and soul of every Portuguese family... we love to eat delicious foods. Our groceries are the ingredients which we need to create our simple yet exquisite creations. Visit any of our branches, have a look and see what you may find in our groceries section.... traditional yet new/exotic ingredients which complement meals and adds some diversity to our rich culture.

Wine “vinho”: It's no secret that Portugal has gifted the world with astounding fortified wines for over 200 years, yet what has remained a well-kept secret, try or buy our Port and Madeira wines as well as the Portuguese table wines that have started garnering some well-deserved notoriety abroad.

Beer “cerveja”: Portugal has a long history, going as far back as the time of the ancient Roman province of Lusitania, where beer was commonly made and drunk. Portugal is among the 11 largest beer producers in Europe, and is the 7th largest European exporter of the product. The word for beer in Portuguese is cerveja, coming from the Latin word cerevisia. Visit us and try our Portuguese beer brands such as Super Bock, Sagres and Coral.

Spirits “digestivos”: We stock some pretty fabulous liqueurs & spirits sourced from Portugal. Perfect for enjoying after a meal, or indeed just for socialising. Our special spirit brands are such as Macieira, Sao Domingos, Aldeia Velha, Vinho do Porto, Licor Beirao etc.

Café Lisboa also provides cakes and savouries for birthdays, special occasions as well as other social events. Always fresh, always innovative, get your daily bread, pastries and whole cakes for occasions from your Café Lisboa counter or order direct from the branch by calling 020 3538 6757.